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Hello, I'm Michele!
I have my birth year visible so that you can see that I am an adult (27 at the time of writing this but who knows how often I'll update it.) I don't plan on posting anything that would be inappropriate for minors to access and so have no moral objections to minors following/reading (whatever the lingo is here) I just want everyone to have that information so they can choose whether or not to interact with me/allow me to interact with them, keeping their own safety in mind.
I'ma Leo Sun/Cancer Moon and that's about as much of my birth chart as I'll remember no matter how many times I look it up. I'm an adult that still identifies with my Hogwarts house (Slytherin) even though I'm mostly over Harry Potter as a whole. And no matter how cringe it everyone else thinks it is now I still unironically love Homestuck.
I tend to be more of a lurker than a poster in online spaces (my particular brand of social anxiety tends to be even worse over the internet) so there's a very good chance a total of like 3 people will ever even read this dating site reject of a bio but I started typing things and now I'm finding it difficult to stop.

uhhhh.....Buffy/Spike was better than Buffy/Angel, I straight up don't get Sterek, I actually don't like enemies-to-lovers, and I did actually kind of like dollhouse. Just to get the controversial opinions right out in the open.

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fate core system, pathfinder, powered by the apocalypse, professional wrestling, sports entertainment, tabletop pen and paper gaming, young adult speculative fiction
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